by Laura Jacobson This is the word that comes to mind when I think about the Lakota patients we have seen. Their spirit of compassion and generosity despite enduring so many hardships both in the past and the present is humbling. I was so grateful to hear the life stories of patients throughout the week. … Continue reading Resilience

Island in the Sky

by Kristen Kotzer Today is trip day #3, clinic day #2, and so it only seems fitting for this to be blog #1 for me. Reflecting on the entirety of the past few days from the 10 hour drive, where we discovered who has the best lead foot, to laying down the rubber driving uphill, … Continue reading Island in the Sky

“Until We Meet Again”

by Gene Kolaczkowski Today the final day of Children’s Healing Camp. One of our main goals of camp are to teach the children about emotions, how to express them and regulate them. I think we were having to practice some of the same skills ourselves. Volunteering for this week bring out so many strong emotions, it … Continue reading “Until We Meet Again”

Healing Through Play

After breakfast, this morning started with the women volunteers being invited to an Inipi orientation. We were so honored to learn through this experience about the traditions of Inipi (means to live again) which is a sacred cleansing ceremony for the Lakota people. Many of the children we have been working with participated in this … Continue reading Healing Through Play