Our Ten Hour Travel

by Holly Kuchel Today, waking up at 4:45 A.M. to go to South Dakota was something that I was not looking forward to. I was just coming off of a 7 hour drive from Iowa the previous day, and I was dreading the ten hour drive. Once we got on the road after a short … Continue reading Our Ten Hour Travel

Changing Lives

by Hannah Turnipseed On Sunday July 16th the Health Science Academy Youth leadership camp and Lakota youth campers made our way back to LaCrosse. Throughout the week I was in South Dakota, I learned more than what I could imagined. I was told by many that I would come back home with a different outlook on life, … Continue reading Changing Lives

Traveling Home

by Laura Munson Today is traveling home day.  Over all, this week was filled with amazing opportunities from fun to serious topics.  I think everyone enjoyed themselves learning more about the Lakota culture and getting to know their peers and new friends. The whole trip taught me so much. One of my favorite days happened … Continue reading Traveling Home