First Day of Healing Camp

Today was preparing for the beginning of the children’s camp. Preparations included assisting with kitchen duties, building relationships through cooperative games, and team building.  The temperature was around 100 degrees today so water relay games were perfect.  We also helped with meal prep and clean up.  Part of the Lakota culture is the placement of … Continue reading First Day of Healing Camp

Healing Camp Embarks

This year’s healing camp team has nine members this year. Nick Breining, Deb Murray, Angela Mensink, Deb Stelmach, Tara Allert, Acieona Kovatch, Erica Kelly, Claire Vons’s and myself. Nick, Deb, Deb and myself are returning members, so that tells you a little about how meaningful the whole Healing Camp experience is. The drive out is … Continue reading Healing Camp Embarks