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An Honor!

Today, Kris, Emma, Josh and myself will be traveling to Porcupine to provide physicals at a healing camp for young girls. Don will be returning to the home of Bernadette and her son to continue construction on their new home. We gathered for a short breakfast, discussed each of our plans for the day and … Continue reading

The Rock Star

by Joshua Hardy Kris was basically a rock star today.  17 physicals completed during the final clinic day!  There were a number of walk-ins who saw the sign up in the community and decided to take advantage of our services.  The ladies did an outstanding job getting to each patient in a timely manner, while … Continue reading



by Jim Feltes Day 4 of trip.  Taylor,Teresa,and I (Jim) went to the Kyle youth center and held a Hapkido (Korean self defense) seminar for twenty people,  three adults and the rest kids,ages 6-13 or so. Had a good time, kept the kids busy a while, didn’t hurt anybody very much, gave everybody a participation … Continue reading